We develop strategies for your business that help you achieve your goals; whether it is to increase market share, cut down cost and improve operations, grow sales, or have a better organisation structure. These strategies for small businesses include corporate strategy, business strategy and marketing strategy.


We offer sales training to entrepreneurs, sales professionals and people who want to acquire or improve their sales skills. The training is provided world class sales professionals with years of selling experience. It covers prospecting, generating leads, managing rejection and objection, closing sales and getting referrals. This training is open to individuals, and organisations looking to improve the selling skills of their sales force.

Business Plans

The importance of a business plan cannot be overstated. A business plan helps you articulate your business idea, provides market research on the industry and market, selects the appropriate strategy and how to get the product to customers, and includes financial projections.

Bookkeeping & Accounting

Keeping proper financial records is important for every business. It enables you track how well you are doing, in terms of achieving your financial objectives, and to know areas where you need to cut down on cost. Proper financial records are also important when you need to attract investors or get a loan for your business.

Market Research

Getting adequate data is one of the challenges businesses face in Nigeria, and having the right data to make strategic decisions is very important. Our market research services provide you with quality information presented in the most comprehensive and simple way. Each research depends on the objectives of the client, but usually covers industry information, market information, competitors, and consumers.

Feasibility Studies

We develop feasibility studies that help you determine the possibilities of your business idea/project, and whether it is worth pursuing. The report presents a business case on whether an idea is profitable and worth your time and further investment.