Do you only offer services to businesses or you can also service non-profits as well?

Our services extend to non-profit organisations as well.

What parts of Nigeria do your services cover?

Our main focus is Lagos, but we cover all states in Nigeria.

How do I make payment for your services?

Payment can be made through a transfer or deposit into our account, or issuing a cheque.

Do I have to pay before you render services to me?

Yes, we collect 60% payment upfront before rendering any service, and the balance is collected upon completing the project.

Will you sign a non-disclosure agreement?

Yes, we will sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Bookkeeping and Accounting

How much does it cost to do my bookkeeping?

The cost of bookkeeping depends on the number of services that will be offered and the size of the organisation.

Do we need to create office space for your accountants?

 No, you don’t

Can CredentWest help with my taxes?

Yes, we can help with that.

Can CredentWest handle my payroll?

 Yes, we handle payroll.

What other services do you offer?

 We offer accounting systems setup, bookkeeping management, preparation of financial statements, cash planning and control, payroll management, PAYE computation and remittance, withholding tax and VAT computation and remittance (including follow up on WHT certificates)

What if I don’t need your service monthly but just for a one-off transaction?

We offer one-off transactions as well.


What type of strategy do you develop?

 We develop corporate and business strategy, marketing strategy, and communications strategy.

Do you develop strategy for only existing businesses or businesses still at the idea phase?

We develop strategy for all types of businesses regardless of where they are in the life cycle.


What type of training do you offer?

Currently, we only offer sales training. But this will be expanded to include marketing and other management areas.

How often do you offer training?

Our training programme is done twice a year.

Do you offer customised training for individuals and organisations?

Yes, it is possible for us to do this.


How much does a business plan cost?

The cost of a business plan depends on different variables like the industry, whether it is an existing business or just about to be established, and what the business plan will cover.

How long does it take to develop a plan?

This also depends on the industry and other variables. But typically, it takes between 3 – 6 weeks to develop a business plan.

What type of businesses do you write plans for?

 We develop business plans for all types of businesses – micro, small, medium and large – and for different industries.

Can I enjoy after-sales services after the plan is complete?

 Yes, you can. Our goal is to develop a relationship with our customers, and this goes beyond the development of the business plan.

What does a business plan cover?

A business covers industry and market information, strategy, operations plan, marketing plan and financial projections for 3 years.

What will you need from me to develop a business plan?

 We will need your mission, vision, values, information on the status of your business – whether it is already a registered business and has already started operations, information on your (proposed) management team – their functions and core competencies – the (proposed) shareholding structure of your business – if it is a limited liability company and the proposed location of your business.

Will I get a hard copy of the plan after it is developed?

We usually send soft copies of the plan, but a hard copy can also be provided.


What type of market research do you handle?

We handle quantitative and qualitative research. The former covers surveys while the latter covers focus group discussions and in-depth interviews. Research projects also cover collecting secondary and primary data on different industries and markets.

How long does it take to carry out market research?

 The length of each research project depends on the brief of the customer and the research objectives of the brief.

How much do you charge to carry out market research?

 This also depends on the length of the project and the research objectives.

What is the process if I want to carry out market research?

 The first step is to send us your research brief. The research brief will include the research objectives and the questions you want the research to answer.

What industries do you carry out market research on?

 We carry out market research on all industries.

Is your research restricted to only Lagos state or do you cover other states in Nigeria as well?

 Our research covers all states in Nigeria.