A company that will help you excel in your career and other areas of your life 

At CredentWest, we treat our employees the way we treat our best clients. Employee job satisfaction is a major goal for us. We know that good leadership is all about developing other people to be leaders, and that is why our employees are given the necessary support to become leaders in their personal lives and careers.

 We recognize the value of people in helping a business succeed, so it is an honour when people choose to work with us at CredentWest.

Working with CredentWest will position you to achieve your dreams and turn them into a reality, whether you are an experienced professional or just fresh out of school. We believe that there’s no limit to what anyone can achieve.

Our roles

Technical Services

  • Strategy
  • Finance
  • Human Resources

Corporate Services

  • Operations
  • Marketing
  • Finance

Our Culture

The totality of every human is a combination of different parts – work, hobbies, passions, family, etc. Doing great work is important, yes, but we also want you to explore other things you love outside the office; it could be writing, singing, travelling, supporting a social cause or starting a business of your own.

Helping You Grow    

CredentWest ensures you are continuously improving your skills and abilities, and we help you achieve this through training, mentoring programmes and cross-functional working relationships.


We provide training twice a year that focuses on improving the skills in your core functional areas as well as other areas that will help you become a well-rounded individual and move you closer to achieving the goals you have set for yourself.


We connect you with peers and directors that share their life experiences with you, offering guidance and helping you grow professionally. Our mentoring programmes are not just focused on work, but on every area of your life – from informal mentorship to formal meetings and exercises.

Cross-Functional Relationships

At CredentWest, we don’t work in silos. We believe collaboration is vital for success. That is why we work in cross-functional teams, and each employee gets a full understanding of how each service is delivered and each function is carried out. Everyone contributes to projects and every voice is heard. We all work together to deliver the best service to our clients.

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