We offer consulting services to businesses in Lagos, Nigeria, that includes value added services to make these businesses more efficient and profitable. Our shareholders are assured of getting a good return on their funds and employees will be given the necessary support to become leaders in their personal lives and careers. People, Integrity and Teamwork are the pillars upon which the company is run, along with excellent business processes, technology and a desire to empower entrepreneurs to succeed.



To become one of the top ten providers of business services to micro and small businesses in West Africa, with capabilities in human resources, market research, strategy, internal marketing and IT, a strong reputation, large client base and network, and fulfilled employees. 

Core Values


People - Clients are the reason why we are in business, and our goal is not just to make revenue, but to help you succeed. CredentWest aims to grow with you, offering our heart, soul and expertise to our clients’ success. We know that if you succeed, we have succeeded as well. We will treat our employees the way we treat our best clients, knowing that we can buy their hand, but cannot buy their heart. And it is in the heart where their enthusiasm and loyalty is. Knowing that we can buy their back, but cannot buy their brain. And it is the brain where their creativity, ingenuity and resourcefulness is. We will do everything we can to develop our staff Our shareholders will be guaranteed a good return on their investment.

Integrity - The Company will always do the right thing for its community, shareholders, employees and customers. It will ensure all government regulations are kept, including all commitments to shareholders and clients. When it gives its word to stakeholders, it will always keep it.

Teamwork - The company will work together to achieve its goals. The goals, vision, mission and strategy will be shared so everyone will know what their role is in achieving it. Teamwork will not only be in the office or work-related, but will also be encouraged outside the office and in the lives of staff and management. It will always be rewarded. Teamwork will start with the founders, directors and management, and will be exhibited through them. To achieve its goals and vision, collaboration is vital.

What We Do


Research shows that micro, small and medium enterprises have a high mortality rate due to their vulnerability to macro and micro environmental changes. We want to be there to guide you through these changes, developing and implementing strategies and processes that will enable you achieve the success you desire for your business.

CredentWest is committed to the success of micro businesses and prospective entrepreneurs who are looking to set up businesses. This is done through the provision of business planning, market research, feasibility studies, strategy development, bookkeeping and accounting, and training services. Our service delivery process is designed to deliver quality work in a very professional way. We want to take your business or business idea and move it from idea to reality. At CredentWest, we see our clients as partners and we want to grow with them.

How We Work


We utilise a consultative approach with all clients and prospective clients. This is done through asking the right questions to discover your goals and challenges, and developing the right solutions that fit each client’s needs.

It is important to us to first listen to our clients before developing a work plan that will achieve set objectives, whether it’s for a business plan, strategy development, feasibility study, market research or bookkeeping and accounting services.

Our Team


Our team is made up of experienced professionals in finance, marketing, sales, human resources, customer service and legal, who have worked in diffeent industries and with several MSMEs and large organisations.

What Makes Us Different


CredentWest is committed to quality work that is delivered through professional service. We leverage the experience of our team to develop documents and reports that our clients can implement. And we go beyond just developing these documents, but also support our clients so that their dreams become a reality, and they can have peace of mind, knowing that their business service needs have been taken care of.